I'm finally getting around to updating this page for the first time in years... What can I say, you get busy and work and other things takes up all your time

I've been programming client server systems since 1992 when I started using Visual Basic 3 and ORACLE 5
Prior to that I programmed in Pascal on Apple Macintoshs as well as in Paradox on PC's. I also worked with Hypercard at that time as well.

Over the years I've worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from creating a 400 Menu IVR for Glaxo-Welcome (as they were called then) to being one of the co-designers and programmers of Napster's royalty database. I additon to those I've also worked on projects for Country-Wide, Nissan, NBC, American Golf and many others.

A great deal of my work has been in the Healthcare area and I currently have a company named eMedNotes.com that provides a SaaS application that automates the production and maintainance of Physician Progress Notes. It is built in ASP.NET and uses SQL Server 2008 as the database. The functionality is almost entirely driven by asynch Ajax calls using the JQuery library to web services running on the middle tier.

It's an extremely fast and robust interface and run swell on a variety or browsers (even the built in one on iPads). Here's the link to it (although you'll need a login to see the good stuff).

I also built a site for my wife's online Health and Weightloss business - MyDreamDiet.com. It uses Jquery for a Client Side cart and web services to handle order placement and email.

I have a site that hosts RSS feed for Animal Rescues that allows you to do full text searches and create a personalized feed that is updated whenever a new animal rescue is posted to it. It uses JQuery, Ajax, Web Services and RSS. Here's the link to it - Free RSS Animal Rescue Feed at RocknRollDog.com We're currently in Beta and would love help with the testing and also getting it out there. Like I said, it's free and something we provide because we really love animals.

I also was a musician in Los Angeles for many years. Primarily in a band named Restless Society. Here's a link to a page with more info about the band as well as some songs you can download. Restless Society. I was the lead guitar player and wrote most of the material.

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Email me at bradhale@bradhale.com

P.S. I promise, I'll get some cool JQuery stuff up here soon...